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SOFTWARE for DATING v7 - Investment Plans
    This product is powered by Match Agency v7 and provided by Datetopia - Dating Software and Matchmaking Scripts.
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Promotions Get the full product now, pay only a quarter and the rest next years:
Purchase full license for $199.75/year (4 payments)

SOFTWARE for DATING [ Version Information ]

This product can be purchased by paying a 1 time license fee OR rented for a license rent. You can choose the investment plan that best fits your resources and business plan. Some rental plans also include hosting.

US$799/1 time License Purchase
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ORDER by Plimus
Note: This plan includes 1 installation service.

Upgrades: The purchase includes a FREE bonus upgrade after 6 months. This upgrade must be requested by the customer and it is compulsory.

When to purchase?
When you have the budget and want to maximize the overall value/investment ratio.

US$99/mo Monthly License Rental

US$120/mo Monthly Rental + 7Gb/mo FMS2 Hosting
MONTHLY RENTAL + 7Gb/mo FMS Hosting by Plimus
MONTHLY RENTAL + 7Gb/mo FMS Hosting by ShareIt

US$125/mo Monthly Rental + Hosting (7GB FMS2 + Dating20k Web)
MONTHLY RENTAL + FMS2 & Web Hosting by Plimus

US$250/3 months Quarterly Rental

Upgrades: The rental plans include package upgrades (1 upgrade per billing period).

When to rent?
+ When you want to evaluate the business over a period of months.
+ When you have a low budget and also want to keep some funds for advertising, customizations, hosting until it starts returning.
+ When you want to fund this from the monthly revenue of your primary job.

Delivery: The package is delivered as email attachement with installation instructions. The product is usually delivered in the same day with the order processing or the day after - please allow a maximum of 3 business days for delivery.

We can also provide hosting for an extra fee. Extra services like upgrade subscription are available for ordering. Also you can purchase plugins for this product.

Plugins Plugins can be purchased anytime and easily added to the software installation.
Everytime you purchase a new plugin, you also receive a FREE bonus upgrade for the current package.
Advanced SEO 2 Plugin [ details ] (Includes these modules: Downloads collection pages, Partner Links, Remote Control for directory and partners, Typos generator and history, Visitors wishbox modules)

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Pay Per View for Video Flash Chat [ details ]

ORDER by Plimus

Also requires the Visitors for VFC Plugin. Includes the VideoGirls template.

PPV Software for Dating Pack
+ Software Dating
+ Pay Per View for VFC Plugin
+ Visitors for VFC Plugin
+ 7Gb/mo FMS hosting


US$390/3 months

Visitors for VideoFlashChat [ details ]

ORDER by Plimus


AteoMessenger Webcam Messenger [ details ]


ORDER by ShareIt


Ateomedia Webcam Chat


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Services Upgrade License
Older Datetopia Dating Software licenses can be upgraded to new ones for the Product Price Difference + Package Renewal fee.
Package Renewal / Domain Change / Minor Version Upgrade
US$20/New Package

Use this if you decide to change the licensed domain, want to upgrade or just need a new license generated because you lost the old package/backups.
You can also get new packages by purchasing extra plugins, subscribing to upgrades, on rental plans and also on upgrades.
Professional Installation [ details ]
Search Engine Optimization - Site Submission - Dating Pack 1

US$74.82/ Dating Website SEO - Pack 1

Have your website submitted to multiple dating website directories, dating forums.

Domain Registrations, Extra Website Services

Special offers for Datetopia customers and friends. (i.e. .COMs at US$7.85)

Extra Custom Template
$200/Custom Template

Our customizations team can build an unique template for your website based on your preferences. Due to the custom work required this can take up to 2 weeks. Contact us if you have questions.
Website Templates
Various website skins that can be used to inspire or even implement entirely a new visual identity for your website.

Seduction - A way to ATTRACT; Software for the Human Brain [ details ]
US$41.37/Website License

Order an e-book website license and use it on your website as you wish. Provide content to your website members to increase the value for paid membership or start selling it to free members and website visitors and get some extra income.

Contact If you have any questions related to the software, read the FAQs and contact Datetopia from here .

I have read and accept the End User License Agreement.

Anti-Fraud Notes

All access to the payment and demo pages is tracked and logged for further investigations.
There is an automated encrypted system (does not use or require Zend) that doesn’t allow this software to be used on other domains than the one licensed and also a one way (md5) code system for disabling licenses purchased with fraudulent payments. Please do not purchase this package using fraudulent methods or try to copy it if you get access to a website running it because that is both ilegal and uselless.
There are no product resellers providing this package: We build and send ALL packages (including the ones purchased from affiliate resellers) . If anyone else tries to sell you a package delivered by himself, please contact us for confirmation to avoid purchasing a fraudulently obtained package. Any partners, affiliates that sell our products or derivated packages need valid licenses issued for each domain.
Please take time and evaluate the script using our available demo or trial version. Before you buy the script, read its requirements, and be sure that your server meets them. Refunds will not be given for reasons surrounding the users lack of knowledge of the script`s functionality, limitations, or restrictions, as we provided every opportunity to evaluate the script prior to purchase. Any attempt to obtain, use the scripts without a valid payment and according to the license will be considered fraud attempt and reported to the proper authorities.

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